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What is “Auto dealer fraud”

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Non-disclosure fraud

This involves the unlawful practice of hiding vital vehicle-related information from the potential buyers. Vehicles with major problems or previously owned vehicles cost less due to their condition. By concealing such information, a dealer gets the chance to make more money out of the deal. Next are a few types of non-disclosure fraud.

Previous taxi, limo, and rental

Usually, these vehicles are valued much cheaper compared to similar vehicles that are not used for commercial reasons. Hence, the dealer should disclose information about the prior use of the vehicle they are selling.

Major damage

Previously damaged vehicles are valued much cheaper because they can be really dangerous to drive. The potential buyer needs to know what to expect from their purchase.

Salvage title

Sometimes, when a collision is too severe, the insurance company declares the vehicle a “total loss.” Such a vehicle should be repaired at licensed repair facilities and then undergo a safety inspection. Only after passing the inspection, it can be sold with full disclosure of the salvage title.

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“Lemon Law” buy-back

A Lemon Law buy-back is typically a vehicle that was repurchased by the manufacturer due to having serious safety-related issues. When reselling such a vehicle, the dealer should provide the buyer with a proper disclosure of the vehicle’s prior problems.

Mileage or Odometer Fraud

Odometer fraud is the practice of tampering with an odometer to make it look as if having lower mileage. Needless to say that this practice is illegal and may cost the vehicle buyer huge money considering that newer vehicles cost more in insurance and repairs.

Improper Certification of Used Cars

Certification of a used car is something that can highly affect its value. Improper certification is a type of fraud in which the dealer represents a vehicle as certified when in fact it is not properly certified or is not certified at all.

Vehicle Advertisement Fraud

This category includes various examples of dealer fraud. Advertisement of special equipment or add-ons is one such example. “Bait and Switch” is another practice which roughly involves advertising one vehicle at a low price and selling actually another one at a higher price.

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