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The manufacturer or its agents have made four or more attempts to repair the same problem.


The vehicle has been out of service for more than 30 days.


The manufacturer or its agents have made two or more attempts to repair a problem that could lead to serious injury or death.

However, there are many situations which do not exactly meet the “Lemon Law” presumption. Still, your vehicle might be entitled to legal protections if the defect substantially affects safety, value, or use and first occurred within the new car warranty period, and the dealer cannot repair it after a reasonable number of repair attempts.

Types of Reimbursement You can Expect


If your vehicle turns out to be a “Lemon,” you will be entitled to a refund of the down payment, monthly payments. And your vehicle loan will be paid off in full. You might also be entitled to reimbursement of incidental damages like rental car expenses, repair costs etc.


The manufacturer might also offer you a vehicle replacement. This means, that your defective vehicle might be replaced with a similar vehicle.


A Lemon is any consumer product purchased at retail, that comes with an express warranty and that costs more than $25, has significant non-conformities affecting its value, use, and safety and the warrantor is unable or unwilling to repair it within a reasonable number of attempts.

There are several other consumer protection laws that could help you, for example, The Consumer Legal Remedies Act, Basic Contract Law. The latter could force a manufacturer or a seller to comply with its contract.

We do not say you cannot, but opting for a comprehensive legal help will double if not triple your chances to win the case.

Yes. If your used vehicle is still in its manufacturer warranty period, then it can also be protected by the Lemon Law.

No. We work on a contingency basis which means that you are not going to pay us anything. We will collect the attorney’s fees from the manufacturer after we win the case for you.

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