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Modern medicine relies mainly on prescription drugs for helping a patient prevent infection, manage pain and other symptoms, or prepare for a medical procedure. When these drugs are administered and monitored properly they can greatly enhance a patient’s survival and comfort. But when a medical professional is negligent in administering, prescribing or monitoring these medications the consequences can be tragic.

One of the most common medical errors that occur in hospitals of California is Medication errors. The number of reports reaches 1.5 million per year. Unfortunately, in a significant number of cases, a medication error can cause disability or death or permanent long-term injury.

What is California Medication Error Law?

When a medication error results in a clinically vital injury, the hospital should notify the patient or the family about such a medication error and its effect on the patient. It does not matter whether the error was noted after a patient’s discharge from a hospital or before any significant harm or injury occurred. Since many medication errors can occur in patients with underlying medical conditions, the specific effect of a medication error may be more difficult to identify. That’s why many physicians will attempt to hide the effect of any medication error under the complexity of the patient’s initial medical problem. The most common medication errors that occur in hospitals are:
  • administration of some corrective medication, such as Narcan which may be used to counter the effects of an overdose of narcotic pain medications,
  • giving Protamine (Vitamin K) to reverse the effects of an overdose of Heparin.
Generally, most medication errors involve:
  • miscommunication among doctors,
  • a poor handwriting of doctors, pharmacists, nurses,
  • failure to check orders given by doctors;
  • a combination of errors by multiple medical providers.
Moreover, hospital personnel are taught to put as little as possible in the patient’s chart, because it makes medical malpractice or negligence case hardly discoverable. However, it should be taken into consideration that hospitals also are accountable for conditions resulting in injury, such as:
  • substandard training practices,
  • hiring,
  • breakdowns in communication,
  • infection because of the unclean conditions
  • malfunctioning equipment.
So if you suffered in a California medication error case, you should hire an experienced and aggressive attorney who is able to gather and evaluate all evidence. It would allow him to work with expert witnesses to develop clear and effective testimony in order to sustain your case.

Obtaining Compensation if You Suffered a Medication Error in California!

Cases involving all types of errors and mistakes by hospital personnel are handled by The Margarian Law Firm, including:
  • Nursing errors including failure to notify a doctor of issues on a timely basis;
  • Medication errors, such as administering the wrong dosage or the drug;
  • Administering the wrong medication;
  • Administering not correct dosage of a medication;
  • Administering a medication knowing that the patient has a known allergy;
  • Administering a medication which will react to a medication the patient has already taken or been prescribed.
Moreover, if it is found that a drug company is negligent in issuing proper instructions or warning labels or the drugs are found to be defective or dangerous, it is possible a drug company to be liable for certain medication errors. The Margarian Law Firm takes care of all issues related to your medical malpractice lawsuit to support your case. We will prepare all the required documents and will act as your advocate in all proceedings or hearings, including settlement trial and talks. The Margarian Firm lawyers will help you better understand both the strength and weaknesses of your case. We have vast experience in negotiating to reach the highest level of compensation for our clients who were victims of negligent conduct in California.

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No one is errorless, but when a health care professional or a hospital acts negligently and causes injury to a patient, that is a reason to sue them. Let us take that burden from you.


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