Legal FAQ about Margarian Law Firm

Do you need any legal advice? Here at Margarian Law Firm, we are ready to help you out. If you need answers to your questions, here is our legal FAQ.

1. Do all cases go to trial?

Most of the time, cases do not actually go to trial. However, if your case does not settle before going to trial, rest assured that our team of professionals is ready to do what it takes to win your case.

2. What if the victim is a minor?

The Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian is fully equipped to handle cases involving a victim under the age of 18. Since there are certain rules for minors, there is a special process that we must abide and get approved by a Superior Court judge. Since the statute of limitations runs out faster with minors than with adults, it is important to call us today.

3. What about cases against uninsured motorists?

Due to insurance Code §11580.2, victims in a case against an uninsured motorist have the right to get the money owed to them. With a vast background in automotive law, the attorney knows exactly what is necessary to win your case.

4. What is the cost to review a case?

All first time consultations are absolutely free. If we decide to take on the case and formally represent you, costs are either based on a per-project or hourly basis.

5. How much money will I get from my case?

Even with the advisement of legal experts, there is no way to tell the exact amount that a case will win or settle for. With a consultation, the attorney will be able to give a rough estimate of his judgment on your claim. However, there are far too many factors to consider when looking for an exact settlement or judgment amount.

6. Do doctors and hospitals have different rules?

Due to the Medial Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA), California doctors and hospitals are protected from certain damages filed against them. Under this act, the payout amount is maxed at $250,000, regardless of how bad the injury or damage is. Doctors and hospitals are also required notice before a lawsuit is filed, and if damages are over $50,000, then the judgment is paid in payments over the victim’s lifetime. These restrictions, along with others, are part of MICRA, so it takes a special attorney knowledgeable in this area to accurately assess your medical injury case.

7. What is the definition of a contingency fee?

A contingency fee is a term that expresses a legal fee based on a successful case outcome. And many clients don’t have the money to spend on legal representation until the case is resolved. So a contingency fee may be placed on the claim based on the idea that your side will win. Once the case has been deemed successful, a legal fee will come out of the contingency fee to pay for the services rendered. Not all cases are bound by a contingency fee. However, once an agreement has been made by both the attorney and the client, an agreement must be signed in writing.

8. How long do I have to make my claim (statute of limitations)?

The time limit for each case depends on the circumstances and type of claim that you have. The only way to determine the length of time available for you to file a case is by setting up a consultation. Some cases only have six months, whereas, other cases have many years before their time runs out to file. If you’re not sure how long your case has, we strongly advise you to give us a call today.

9. Do you handle worker’s compensation cases?

At this time, we are not taking worker’s compensation cases. It is due to the fact that whenever somebody is injured on the job, they are automatically granted worker’s compensation benefits.

10. Are there special regulations when filing a claim against a city, county, state or government agency?

If filing a claim against a city, county, state or government agency, it is important to understand that they are subject to California Government Code. The California Government Code is very long and requires the expertise of an attorney to sort through. Also, keep in mind that the statute of limitations against these agencies is 180 days. So give us a call right away to get started on your case.