Our Philosophy on Attorney Referrals

When you refer to us, we save money on advertising and thus we pay you 20% of the attorney’s fees we earn. We are so committed to honoring the referral fee split that we have a written signed agreement. We track and pay all referral fees! Thank you for considering referring us cases.


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We also love referring out cases. If you wish to receive case referrals please let us know your areas of practice by filling out the referral agreement or by emailing us.

All referrals fee splits are done in compliance with the CA State Bar referral guidelines. We will give you updates on all referrals and pay you once we collect our fees.

Very truly yours,
The Margarian Law Firm

Just a note

Referrals are frowned upon by some attorneys. They feel its beneath them, or a waste of time or too risky or, on the flip side, too audacious to give away a cut from their share. We however believe there is nothing better than helping a potential client by connecting them with a highly skilled attorney who can guide them. The client is bound to find someone to help them thus there is no way to avoid “sharing” that client with another attorney. However you can control that sharing, ensure the client is in good hands, get paid for the time you expended on the initial intake and make sure that the client comes back to your when they have a case which you do handle. The way to do so is to refer to the right attorney! We welcome getting to know each other if this is the first time you are considering referring us a case or if you want us to consider referring cases to you. Please email us to schedule a call or a meeting with one of our attorneys.